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One Cup Kettle Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

Whilst the traditional kettle is a standard kitchen accessory, it’s not the only way to boil water – a hot water dispenser/one cup kettle and a boiling-water tap being common alternatives.

For some, the option to boil just a small quantity of water for a hot drink is a quick, convenient, economic, lifestyle and eco-friendly choice; and these benefits outweigh any assumed advantages of using a standard kettle for this purpose.

Keep in mind: A one-cup kettle is generally unsuitable in situations where several people will require hot drinks all at once, or where large quantities of boiling water will be needed regularly.

Different one cup kettles offer different features. Some can boil just one cupful of instant hot water, whilst others boil enough for several cups. Here are 3 of the best one cup kettles you can buy in the UK in 2021.

One Cup Kettle Reviews

Breville VKJ367 Brita Filter Hot Cup with Variable Dispenser

Breville BRITA HotCup Hot Water Dispenser

The Breville VKJ367 Brita Filter Hot Cup with variable dispenser delivers instant one-touch boiling water for all your favourite hot drinks. Building upon their earlier success, this Breville Hot Cup VKJ367 is the latest model in this innovative range and now includes Brita’s water filter technology.

Chlorine, heavy metals and all other impurities, contaminants, and hardness are removed via Brita’s carbon and ion-exchange process, leaving your water fresh and pleasant-tasting.

Breville’s patented technology guarantees the water reaches 100 degrees Celsius before it is dispensed, so your drinks will always be full-flavoured, and the Hot Cup’s smooth flow minimises the risk of splashing. Because you boil just enough water for your needs, there’s no waste, maximum efficiency, and a saving on electricity costs.

Large morning coffee to get you started? Small afternoon-tea to help you unwind? The Breville VKJ367 Brita Filter Hot Cup with variable dispenser lets you choose, and change, your option. Just use the variable-dispenser dial to choose one of nine sizes for a perfect hot-water fill to match your favourite cup.

With the manual stop function, you’re always in control of the Breville Hot Cup VKJ367. You can interrupt and cancel the process at any time, anywhere in the cycle. You can also use the manual stop function to override the dispensing, and stop to avoid overflows or to pour out a smaller amount of water.

With its concealed maximum-efficiency 3 kW element, the Breville Brita VKJ367 is very easy to clean, and its generous 1.8-litre water tank with an easy-fill lid just flips open like a kettle. When filling, a large water window at the rear gives a good visual guide.

In operation, the Breville Hot Cup VKJ367 adds a stylish blue glow to your workspace, and, thanks to its smart stainless-steel finish, the Hot Cup looks equally good when it has finished. With a removable drip tray for spillages, there’s no mess, and the tray is also dishwasher-safe.

Main Features:

  • Rapid-boil 3 kW concealed element.
  • Variable dispenser: nine different cup sizes.
  • Manual stop for flow control.
  • Water tank: Large 1.8-litre capacity (illuminating).
  • Brita filter: removes chlorine and limescale during boil cycle.

Gemma’s Breville Brita VKJ367 Review

After reading the reviews, I purchased this Breville Brita VKJ367. I am delighted with it.
The kettle itself is a fair bit smaller than what I expected, this is OK for me because I usually only make one cup of tea in the morning and one in the evening.

When in use, this one cup kettle is surprisingly quiet and boils water a lot faster than my old traditional kettle. For me, the Brita filter makes a massive difference in taste, the water always tastes crisp and fresh.

The mug size is well-suited to our crockery, too – the maximum setting fills my biggest mug to perfection. Did I say I’m truly delighted? Yes, I am! Now there’s no more risk of scalds from kettles spilling boiling water.

Breville VKJ318 2L Hot Cup With Variable Dispenser

Breville VKJ318 Hot Cup

The Breville VKJ318 Hot Cup with variable dispenser adds a practical and stylish addition to any kitchen. Perfect for a whole range of hot drinks, its variable dispense feature provides one-touch boiling water with a choice of nine different cup sizes.

With its manual stop function, you can also fill to the exact level you require, not to mention, this one cup kettle even comes with a handy no-mess drip tray. NO more mess – YAY!!

The Breville VKJ318 Hot Cup is a kettle for the modern age — rather than filling an ‘electric jug’ and boiling the whole thing, you place a cup under the Breville dispenser and touch a button, in no time the Breville Hot Cup boils and dispenses one cup of boiling-hot water.

One single cup. There’s no waste, and no delay waiting for a kettle-full of hot water for a single drink — you just get one ultra-fast hot drink.

The Breville VKJ318 Hot Cup is super easy to refill. Thanks to its sizeable water window, you can easily check the water level when refilling its fairly large 2-litre water tank. Its dishwasher-safe drip tray keeps the machine clean and tidy and can be removed to accommodate a tall mug.

Though the Hot Cup has nine different cup-size options, its also possible to use the stop button to dispense a smaller volume – for example, to leave room to top up your cup with extra milk.

Main Features:

  • Breville (second generation) hot water dispenser.
  • Large water tank: 2-litre capacity.
  • Concealed element: 3 kW fast-boil.
  • Boil time: 40 seconds (one cup).
  • Manual stop button.
  • Variable dispenser: 9 cup sizes.
  • Drip tray removable.
  • Dishwasher safe.

Holly’s Breville Hot Cup VKJ318 Review

With my other hot water dispenser, the water didn’t really stay hot for long. Then the Breville VKJ318 Hot Cup with variable dispenser arrived and everything changed.

Taking up no more room on a worktop than any kettle, the Breville Hot Cup VKJ318 is a compact kitchen appliance. Its detachable drip tray is handy if, like me, you use tall cups, and there is also a removable tank and a large opening in the top for filling.

Assembling the unit was a breeze, with just the tank to set up on the base, and then the drip tray to put together.

Next, I filled the Hot Cup, selecting the smallest cup size (via the cup size dial) to avoid spillage. When the boil button is pressed, you hear a boiling sound as the tank turns Breville Blue, and moments later the water is dispensed hot.

There’s also a stop button to cancel the process if it looks like your cup will overfill. From hitting the button to water appearing took 22 seconds – even my largest mug took only 30 seconds. If you want a very quick drink, boiling hot, then I can honestly say this is the machine you need. Highly recommended.

Breville VKJ142 1.5L Hot Cup Water Dispenser

Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser

The Breville VKJ142 Hot Cup offers one-touch boiling hot water for delicious hot drinks delivered to you in an instant. With Breville’s patented design, you boil just one cup as and when required, saving you precious time and money whilst avoiding wasteful use of energy resources.

The Breville Hot Cup VKJ142 will boil a cupful of water (250 ml) in just a few seconds, giving you delicious hot drinks on demand. The Hot Cup can dispense up to five cups with just one fill – a great choice for families or a small office.

Breville’s patented technology guarantees water is not just warm, but dispensed at boiling point, with minimal splashing, for perfectly flavoured hot drinks time after time. Boiling just the water you need is economical and energy-efficient, so you also save on fuel bills.

When switched on, the tank on the Breville VKJ142 Hot Cup water dispenser illuminates, lighting up your kitchen with a warm sophisticated blue glow. This futuristic design feature adds an extra stylish dimension to your kitchen workspace.

Even when not in use, the Hot Cup still catches the eye with its smart black-gloss finish and ultra-clean stainless-steel trim. Thanks to a detachable drip tray, all accidental spillages are collected, keeping everything dry and minimising kitchen mess. A cord-storage feature allows the excess cord to be stowed in the Hot Cup’s non-slip base to keep your work surface looking tidy and uncluttered.

Main Features:

  • Rapid-boil 3 kW concealed element.
  • Dispenses five cups per fill.
  • Detachable drip tray avoids mess.
  • Water tank: 1.5-litre capacity.
  • One-touch boiled water.

Nadia’s Breville VKJ142 Hot Cup Review

We are even more impressed with the Breville VKJ142 Hot Cup water dispenser than we thought we might be. Before it came, I couldn’t see a need for it. Now it’s so much easier to use the hot cup, I hardly ever use the kettle at all. It’s smaller than an average kettle and quite eye-catching.

Filling is like a kettle – just lift it off the base and pop up the lid. Its capacity is 5 X 250ml ‘cups’ of water. When you use it, place a cup under the spout and press the top button and it starts to boil a cup of water.

In 50 seconds, you have a cupful of boiling water. Whilst it’s boiling, I get the milk and spoon ready, so it really is a ‘quick cuppa’. I still use larger amounts of boiling water for cooking, so it won’t replace our kettle completely, but it has been used to make each and every cup of tea since it arrived.

Overall, we are pleased and really impressed with this one cup kettle, and it has quickly become an essential kitchen appliance. The only real problem is the quantities of tea we’re consuming since it appeared!

What is a One Cup Kettle?

This is a kettle-like product designed to boil as little as one cupful of boiling water.

For those who live alone, regularly use just small quantities of boiling water, or find a standard kettle awkward to use, the one-cup-kettle option offers instant hot water on demand and cheaper electricity bills, not to mention its energy-saving environmental impact.

How to find the best one cup kettle

Features of a One Cup Kettle – The common major features of one cup kettles are listed below for reference, and then discussed individually. Different retail models will incorporate their own variable options and features.

  1. Boil Speed: how long before your drink arrives?
  2. Water Tank capacity and integral/removable tank-reservoir options.
  3. Cup Size: standard size or variable options?
  4. Instant Stop Button: helps prevent overflows.
  5. Drip Tray: easy-clean efficiency – avoids spillage.
  6. Water Filter: improves taste – inhibits limescale.
  7. Morning Drink-maker: wake up to a hot drink.

Boil speed – When making comparisons, remember one cup kettles boil different capacities and this must be taken into account. What’s actually most important is the total time it takes for your drink to arrive in the cup.

Water Temperatures – Although herbal infusions and some other beverages require no more than water which is heated to a high temperature, tea-drinkers will certainly expect their instant hot water to be well-heated to boiling point.

The majority of one-cup-kettle options will provide this feature automatically, though some may offer further refinement with a variable temperature setting allowing further customisation.

Some hot drink preparations, such as hot chocolates, are temperature-sensitive and can actually be spoiled by the use of boiling water. If your favourite beverages fall into this category, then a variable-temperature function would be a sensible choice.

Water Tank – The water tank stores cold water which the appliance then draws off to boil as required. Methods of filling differ with some removable tanks being easy to detach and refill via the sink tap, whilst integral tanks are usually refilled via a cup or jug.

Where removable tanks are an awkward size for refilling at the sink, alternative refilling methods will still be necessary. Importantly, removable tanks are also easier to keep clean.

Cup/mug size – With some one cup kettles, the quantity of water dispensed never varies. If this suits your favourite cup or mug, this won’t be an issue, but the use of small cups may result in spillage, whilst larger mugs may finish up just half-full.

Where water quantities can be varied, this adaptability is convenient, provided you become familiar with the procedure for adjusting the settings. This feature similarly permits further customisation of the amount of instant hot water dispensed to allow for the addition of milk to suit your taste.

Mug sizes

– small mug 150 ml.
– tapered mug 200 ml.
– average mug 250 ml.
– large mug 300 ml and above.

Adjustable dispenser – On occasions you may need to fill a larger cup or mug which will not fit easily under the dispenser in its default position. In such circumstances some appliances can be adjusted to allow operation at a different angle, or in a new direction to overcome this problem.

Instant stop button – This is a very useful function to instantly cancel dispensing of hot water to avoid overfilling. This feature can also be used to fine-tune the amount of water delivered, perhaps for a non-standard cup size, or to leave room for a top-up of cold water, fresh milk, or similar.

Drip tray – A drip tray is invaluable to protect against the inevitable spillages which occur during use. Periodic emptying and cleaning of the tray helps to keep the appliance hygienic and comfortable to operate.

Water filter – If your water supply tastes palatable, an integral water filter may not be a particular priority. However, if you already have a stand-alone filter device, this could be used as a refiller for your one cup kettle. And, if your purchase does have a water filter, this can be a convenient and time-saving option.

A water filter can also extend the life of your appliance by protecting against the corrosive effects of the formation of limescale. New filters should be fitted periodically to maintain peak protection, and some appliances have a warning system to indicate when this action becomes necessary.

Morning drink-maker – Those one-cup-kettle models which include a timer feature can be configured to have your favourite wake-up hot drink ready and waiting as you awake each morning.

The procedure is usually as simple as preparing your cup with a tea bag or preferred alternative, programming the timer, and allowing your appliance to do the rest.

Descaling – Regular descaling of your one cup kettle will both extend its working life and also keep down running costs. Manufacturers will recommend how often their product should be descaled – once every three months is a typically recommended interval.

Descaling can be achieved with a commercial chemical descaler, or else by immersing the element in a mixture of equal amounts of vinegar and cold water, which is then left to soak for two hours.

Summing up

Whether you require a quality cup of coffee before heading off to work or you simply wish to replace an ageing appliance within your kitchen, these Breville one cup kettles will certainly not disappoint.

When we then take into account the fact that these units are equipped with a host of technological amenities, it becomes clear why they are excellent choices when nothing but the best will suffice.

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