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Best Lady Shavers UK 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Today we’re looking at some of the best lady shavers you can buy in 2021, these models were chosen because they provide excellent results with little to no compromise.

As you probably know by now, using an electric or battery-powered lady shaver results in much smoother, silkier skin than a traditional manual version fitted with sharp razor blades.

The streamlined design of these lady shavers makes shaving an effortless task, while their improved safety features help to reduce cuts, grazes and irritated skin.

Best Lady Shaver Reviews

Remington Cordless Wet and Dry Shaver

The compact shaving head has a sleek oval design for easy manoeuvring, even in small, awkward spaces such as under the arms. It contains two curved foils made of hypoallergenic stainless steel that lies across the centre of the head. The shaving mechanism prompts them to move at high speed to effectively shave hair at skin level.

Along one side of the foils is a comb trimmer that helps to lift and trim longer hair as the shaver moves over your skin.

A bikini shaver guard attachment ensures that the head cannot cut too low, preventing grazes or cuts to the skin when it’s being used in the most sensitive areas. The head includes a narrow strip coated in aloe vera which moisturises, soothes and calms your skin as you shave.

It’s easy to keep the head free of debris by using the small, stiff brush that’s included in the set. The head can also be washed under running water.

As a cordless model, this Remington lady shaver is designed for comfortable wet shaving, although it can also produce beautifully smooth skin when used dry. It takes twenty hours to recharge the battery and this provides an average of thirty minutes usage.

The stylish silver and lilac shaver is ergonomically designed, making it comfortable to hold. Its non-slip coating ensures a secure grip even when your hands are wet. The shaver weighs just 381 grams and when not in use, it can be neatly parked on the charger.


  • Very effective on legs
  • Silky smooth results
  • Powerful shaving mechanism
  • Easy to clean


  • Charge time is relatively long
  • Can be a bit noisy

Brori Electric Lady Shaver

The sophisticated, curved design of the Brori lady shaver makes it comfortable to hold and helps to prevent it from slipping while in the bath or shower.

The flexible shaving head is particularly neat and compact. Slim and straight-sided with rounded ends, it comprises of one central floating foil with hypoallergenic properties to reduce irritation as it gently, but closely shaves hair of any length.

Along one side of the foil, there is a straight blade that is designed to effortlessly shave legs, arms and shoulders.

On the other side of the foil is a curved blade which is ideal for effectively shaving delicate areas such as under the arms or along the bikini line. A 35mm trimming guard is included to ensure your most sensitive skin is safely shaved.

A small LED light illuminates even the fairest stray hair to ensure perfect results every time you shave. Versatile and convenient, the shaver operates in both dry and wet conditions to achieve skin that is soft to the touch.

The high-speed head can be safely rinsed under running water and the set includes a small brush to easily clean between the blades.

When not in use, the metallic blue shaver stands upright in the charging base ready for your next grooming session. Recharging the battery is remarkably quick with the shaver completing its cycle in just one hour.

It provides approximately ninety minutes of usage time. Based on an average session length, one recharge could last for up to three months.


  • Long-lasting close shave
  • One hour recharge
  • Low noise
  • Can be used in sensitive areas
  • Can be used wet or dry


  • Can sometimes be awkward to clean

Philips SatinShave Essential Lady Shaver

You can use the Philips lady shaver in dry or wet conditions. The wide design of the head is particularly suitable for quickly and effectively shaving large areas of skin such as on the legs and arms.

The central floating foil is hypoallergenic to guard against irritating delicate skin. As it rotates, the tiny holes in its curved surface gently shave hairs near the roots for a comfortable, close shave without pinching the skin.

The shaving head also includes two trimmers positioned on either side of the floating foil, these are very effective at trimming longer hairs. A close shave is easily achieved as the ergonomic design of the unit fits snugly in the hand to help you direct it effortlessly over the skin.

It’s particularly effective when holding the shaver in a right-angled position and gliding the head against the direction of the hair’s growth.

The sturdy white casing with a stylish pink insert is comfortable to hold and easy to use. The head requires very little maintenance other than brushing and rinsing in warm water after use, then clipping on the safety cap to protect the shaver’s foil.

This Philips lady shaver is one of the most convenient models available as it operates on just two AA batteries. It’s a perfect choice for taking on holiday as you don’t have to buy electric plug adaptors or wait for the shaver to recharge.


  • Battery power ideal for travelling
  • Shaves hair of any length
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used on sensitive areas


  • A bit noisy

Lady Shaver Buying Guide

Powered lady shavers are relatively inexpensive, easy to maintain and quick to use. Most can easily last one to two years, a time span that can usually be extended if you choose a model with a head or blades that can be replaced.

A high-quality shaver is also much healthier on the skin than a traditional razor. It can significantly reduce the risk of ingrowing hairs and generally avoids the problem of developing the allergy-related rashes associated with standard razor blades.


Lady shavers are available in corded and cordless/battery-operated models. Corded shavers use electricity and provide a consistent flow of power whenever it’s needed, but for safety, they can only be used in dry conditions.

Cordless shavers need frequent recharging, some models can take up to twenty hours to just to provide forty-five minutes use.

Many offer the convenience of being recharged with a USB cable as well as a three-pin plug. And in addition to being used dry, you can also take them in the bath or shower.

Tip: Models that run on regular batteries are convenient for travelling or for use at any time without having to wait for them to recharge.

Are wet shavers better than dry?

Both wet and dry shavers produce excellent results, but most users believe that wet outperforms dry because it provides a much closer shave and a silkier finish. Warm water helps to relax the muscles in the skin, this helps to lift the hairs while allowing you to get a closer shave, which in the long run helps to delay the reappearance of stubble.

Wet shavers can be used with shower gel, soap or shaving foam to lubricate the skin and help the shaver to glide more easily.

Size of the shaving head

Different shavers have different head sizes, the best size for you will depend on the part of your body you want to shave. If you plan to use the shaver mainly on your legs, it would be wise to get one with a wide head to ensure good coverage and fast shaving.

Small, compact heads are usually more versatile for shaving hair in awkward areas such as under the arms. A bikini shaver is more effective if it has a small head to avoid entangling hairs in the mechanism.

How a shaving foil works

Electric shavers use either rotary blades made from coiled stainless steel or foils. Nearly all lady shavers use foils as the system is much kinder to delicate skin. A foil is a wafer-thin strip of stainless steel with multiple holes punched into it.

As you move the shaver, hairs are drawn into the holes. The foil shields your skin from the sharp cutting blades positioned beneath it, enabling you to achieve a close shave while significantly reducing the risk of cuts.


Most shavers usually contain between one and three blades. Although a higher number of blades provide extra coverage, the friction they produce can cause irritation.

Lady shavers generally contain foils and blades that can be set at an angle or curved to cut through isolated or long hairs. Bikini shavers usually include additional guards for safely shaving hair on sensitive skin.

Comfortable handle

Much of your skill in manoeuvring a shaver comes through the type of handle it has. An ergonomic design that is shaped to fit snugly in the palm of your hand will be much easier to control as you direct it across the contours of your body.

It’s yet another feature that far outweighs a disposable razor with a thin, straight handle. Many handles also have a non-slip panel to help you maintain a good grip if you’re using the shaver in the bath or shower.

Lady shaver FAQ

How do hypoallergenic foils avoid skin rashes?

Blades in traditional razors usually contain a high percentage of nickel, which can cause allergic skin reactions such as red, itchy bumps and flaky skin. Foils described as hypoallergenic do not contain nickel.

How often should I replace a shaving head?

Hair is surprisingly tough and can easily cause blades to become blunt in a few months, depending on how frequently you use them. Choosing a shaver with a replacement head often provides better value as it can extend the life of your shaver.

Are shavers easy to maintain?

They usually come equipped with a cleaning brush that helps to pull out fragments of hair. Use it after every session and if possible, clean the head with running water. A good maintenance regime will help your shaver to last longer.

Is it safe to use a shaver on facial hair?

Although some shavers have a gentle action for trimming stray hairs, they may not be suitable for the delicate skin of your face. It’s probably wiser to invest in a model that’s specifically designed for facial hair.

Final thoughts

Choosing the best lady shaver largely depends on whether you intend to use it wet or dry. If you’re not sure, opt for a model that can perform both tasks equally well. You’ll need to choose a cordless version, but it can be annoying if you’ve forgotten to recharge it, especially if it takes hours to recharge.

Most lady shavers are inexpensive, so it could be beneficial to purchase a battery-operated version for emergency use rather than resorting to your old outdated razor. Remember to choose a shaving head that is suitable for the area you want to shave and keep in mind that if your shaver has a comfortable handle that’s lightweight, you might enjoy using it more.

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