Best UV Nail Lamps – Get the Salon Look at Home

Below we have our picks for the three best UV nail lamps available in 2020. These models were hand-picked by us based on their features and the overall results they provide.

The new generation of hybrid UV nail lamps are technologically advanced, providing convenience and speed for all types of UV and LED nail products. Most are equipped with special features to create beautiful nails with a professional salon quality finish for both manicures and pedicures.

Best UV Nail Lamps

1. UNISUN UV LED Nail Lamp

The UNISUN combines both LED and UV systems to provide super-fast, effective curing for an extensive range of nail art including acrylic gels and embellishments such as rhinestones. Neat and compact, the lamp has a generous size of 19.6 x 17.4 x 10.2 cm which allows both hands to fit inside at the same time for even faster nail curing sessions. The lamp weighs 299 grams, making it lightweight and portable. It is powered by a USB cable, providing convenient use in any location.


The lamp is fitted with a technological Smart Sensor that automatically controls the ON/OFF mechanism. It’s instantly activated whenever a hand is inserted into the cavity and switches off when the hand is removed. There is flexible nail curing from three pre-programmed settings that last for thirty, sixty and ninety seconds. They are operated by the small buttons conveniently positioned on the top of the lamp. The allocated times are shown counting down in the circular LCD display panel.

Inside the lamp, there are twelve evenly spaced, miniature LED bulbs that provide the powerful light needed during curing and each one has a lifespan of at least 50,000 hours. The UV lamp has a power output of 36 Watts and covers a wide wavelength spectrum of between 365 NM and 405 NM. The generous canopy of the lamp protects the eyes from any harmful UV rays. The lamp is available in shell pink, white or black.


  • Cures two hands at the same time
  • Three pre-programmed settings
  • Ideal for manicures and pedicures


  • No electric plug option

2. L.K.E. UV Nail Lamp

Convenient and easy to use, the L.K.E. lamp offers salon-grade nail curing. The durable UV lamp also includes a set of twelve LED beads, or small bulbs, that create a full 180 degrees of light emission coverage for effective nail curing. It includes three pre-set programs to automatically control curing time allowances of thirty seconds for base coats, sixty seconds for all colour gels and ninety seconds for intricate nail art. The timer is displayed in a panel above the front of the lamp.

L.K.E. UV Nail Lamp

The wide, low opening of the nail lamp has a width of 19 cm, allowing comfortable access for more than one hand. A Smart Sensor operates the lighting according to whether it detects a hand is in the unit or has been withdrawn. The height of the lamp is 9.4 cm and the depth is 14.6 cm, providing a spacious interior for positioning the fingers. The weight of the lamp is 240 grams and it comes equipped with a plug and a USB cable for a versatile choice of power supply.

The power output is 48 Watts for extra fast and effective curing. Light emissions are specially lowered to help curing become a pain-free experience without damaging the skin. The low curvature of the lamp’s top prevents the UV rays causing harm to the eyes. Available in a delicate ice blue colour, the lamp can be a stylish addition to any home or nail salon.


  • Stay cool system prevents overheating
  • 48 Watts output from electric or USB cable
  • Suitable for all UV and LED polishes


  • Base coats sometimes difficult to cure
  • Lamp sometimes feels very warm

3. SUN Automatic UV Nail Lamp

The white contoured, scalloped design of the SUN UV nail lamp makes it an attractive accessory. The dimensions of the lamp are 23.8 x 21 x 11.2 cm, making it one of the most spacious models available. It includes a magnetised lower panel that easily unclips for easier access when curing nails during a pedicure. Its interior has space for two hands to be comfortably positioned for quick nail curing sessions. The lamp has a weight of approximately 300 grams, ensuring it is portable and easy to move. It also offers a convenient choice of electric or USB power supplies.

SUN Automatic UV Nail Lamp

The SUN UV lamp has impressive features including an automatic ON/OFF Smart Sensor that only activates the lights when the hands are inside. Four versatile operating modes include curing limits of ten, thirty and sixty seconds. A Double Power mode of ninety seconds combines the strength of a powerful 54 Watts output with the gentleness of a much lower rating. It provides pain-free curing through a carefully controlled build-up of heat that also avoids nail distortion.

Inside the lamp, there is a powerful LED light system of thirty-six bulbs that provide a full, even coverage of 180 degrees throughout the interior. The combined UV and LED lighting systems have a spectrum range of between 365 NM and 405 NM, providing versatile curing for a large selection of both UV and LED nail products including acrylics and gels. The superior design filters the light emissions to safeguard against the hands becoming unnecessarily tanned.


  • Four versatile operating modes
  • Detachable magnetic panel
  • Pain-free design, 54 Watt output


  • Cables are a bit short

UV Nail Lamp Buying Guide

When searching for the best UV nail lamps, there are several important details to be aware of, including the power output, length of curing time and the number of pre-set programs.

By purchasing a hybrid UV LED lamp, you have the best choice ever for decorating your nails with the widest possible selection of products, including colour gels, hard gels, builders and glue for accessories such as sparkling gems.

Power output

The energy output is measured in Watts and the higher the rating, the more powerful and effective your nail lamp will be. Most nail lamps, even those in professional salons, often operate with a low 36 Watts output. These can cure nails relatively quickly and efficiently with only the mildest tingling sensation.

As a general rule, a lamp with a higher Wattage produces a more intense power to cure nails with even more speed and precision, but unfortunately, the potential discomfort of curing nails increases accordingly, unless you look for a model that promises a pain-free system.

Pain-free feature

UV and LED nail products contain chemical compounds that when heated under a UV lamp, produce a small quantity of heat. If the heat is released slowly, the effect isn’t too noticeable. It becomes a painful problem if the heat is uncontrolled, prompting an intense flash of energy that causes a mild burn.

More powerful curing devices encourage the reaction, which is why higher outputs often result in more pain. However, a nail lamp with a pain-free feature exercises a tight control over the heating mechanism, ensuring it’s released gradually until it reaches the appropriate curing limit. A pain-free option can take advantage of the speed of a powerful output while the heat builds up gently, avoiding the dreaded heat ‘spike’.

Pre-programmed curing

The option of pre-set timing limits is perfect for taking the guesswork out of how long you should leave your nails to cure. Most models have around three programs that operate at the touch of a button. Look for buttons providing easy access on the top of the lamp that can be reached without the risk of nails colliding with the exterior.

A large LCD counter is useful as it shows precisely how much time is left before the curing process ends, allowing you the freedom of pulling away sooner or resuming accurate curing lengths if you’ve been interrupted. Typical limits range between thirty and ninety seconds, but some may have additional short programs of just ten seconds.

Lamp size

While compact nail lamps are easy to move around and fit on a small table, the opening is usually only wide enough to take one hand at a time, making a nail curing session twice as long. And some models are so small, that even thumbnails have to be cured separately.

For curing efficiency that also conserves energy, consider a lamp with a wide entrance of around twenty centimetres that can accommodate two hands at a time. Everyone’s hands are different, so before purchasing, place your hands on a table, then measure the width across them to find out how much space you’ll need.

Removable panel

An easy to remove base panel is ideal for helping to clean the interior of the lamp, but it’s even more useful for curing your nails after a pedicure, as it allows you to place the lamp directly over your feet.

Power supply

Nearly all nail lamps now include USB cables that allow an easily accessible power supply, but they don’t all come equipped with a plug to use electricity. Most people like to have the choice of which power supply to use, keep this in mind.

UV Nail Lamp FAQ

Will curing make my nails brittle?

It’s not so much the curing process, but the application of gels or even ordinary nail polish that can encourage nails to become dry and brittle. Experts suggest you leave your nails in a natural state for one week in every eight to allow them to regain some of their lost moisture.

Can a nail lamp cause bacterial infections in my nails?

Wavelengths of at least 264 NM are sufficient to kill bacteria and germs and are often used in sanitising procedures. Nail lamps operate within a much higher wavelength spectrum of up to 405 NM, so your nails should be bacteria-free.

Why did my old UV nail lamp take ages to cure my nails?

Nail lamps that operate with just UV rays can take up to ten minutes to cure nails. By including LED lighting, the new style of UV lamp can cure nails in less than a minute.

Can a UV nail lamp cause skin cancer?

Technically, UV rays increase the risk of developing cancerous tissue, but the amount used in nail curing is very small when compared to sunbathing for a few hours.

However, regular users should still take care, so an ideal solution is to use a reliable sunblock with a strength of at least SPF 30 on your hands or feet when using the lamp.


The best UV nail lamps combine power and comfort. A powerful output combined with a pain-free feature is an excellent way to accelerate curing speed without increasing uncomfortable sensations and unexpected pain from heat flashes.

A spacious interior is more convenient for curing two hands at once and a removable base panel is beneficial when curing nails during a pedicure. A choice of electric and USB power supplies offers greater flexibility.

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