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The Best Steam Generator Iron I Bought in 2021

Ironing – the word alone makes me bored.

I think it’s safe to say that 99.99% of people hate this more than the other 1 million household chores they have to do every week.

For me, it’s boring, it takes ages, and no matter how hard I try – my clothes still don’t come out as good as I would like, and then I got a steam generator iron, the Philips GC9630 PerfectCare Elite to be exact – by far the best steam generator iron in my opinion.

Philips GC9630 PerfectCare Elite
A bit pricey, but it truly is the perfect steam generator iron for a busy lifestyle. Turned a person who hates ironing into a person who hates ironing a little less.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always owned a regular steam iron, you know – the one you have to hold by the cord and let it spin round and round to unwind the power cord, yeah that one!

For years I’ve thought about investing in a steam generator iron, but I just couldn’t justify the price when compared to my trusty £12 Tesco iron, until a friend convinced me to take the plunge.

It turns out, a few of my friends have had theirs for years, and they all agreed that there’s no going back to a standard steam iron after using a steam generator iron. Luckily, I was able to try out 3 models before buying my own, and I must admit – they were the best irons I’ve ever used.

Today I’m going to share my Philips GC9630 PerfectCare Elite steam generator iron review with you. Now obviously I haven’t tried every steam generator iron on the market, but judging from my own personal experience and other reviews I’ve read online, I can guarantee you that this iron is definitely up there with the best steam generator irons you can buy in the UK in 2021.

Philips GC9630 PerfectCare Elite Review

Even though it’s not their highest model, Philips still went all out when designing this iron.

Build quality

From the time you take it out of the box, you can see and feel the quality, no cheap or flimsy plastic look and feel here – just a sturdy and well-made iron (and so it should be considering it costs over £250 at most retailers).

Note: It is a fair bit bigger than a standard iron, so keep in mind you might need a larger steam generator ironing board that can accommodate the extra weight.

Awesome features

One of the best and most useful features of this steam generator comes in the form of Philips’ OptimalTEMP technology.

This allows the iron to automatically detect the type of material you’re ironing and it sets the temperature and steam output for you, no fiddling around or guesswork needed to set up the iron – a true time-saver for someone like me who doesn’t have time to stop and adjust the settings every-time a new piece of material needs to be ironed.

Another useful feature of this iron is the ability to steam clothes vertically. This is pretty much impossible with a standard iron, trust me – I tried.

This comes in handy for things like duvet covers, clothes on hangers and curtains that need sprucing up every once in a while – it pretty much doubles as a handheld garment steamer.

Effortless ironing

Using the iron is effortless, its ceramic soleplate literally glides along any type of material. Steam is the key to getting rid of creases fast, tough materials like denim stand no chance against this iron with its 6.7 bar pressure and 135 g/min consistent steam output.

This type of steam power puts the Philips GC9630 PerfectCare in a class of its own.

Capacity and cleanup

The 1.8L detachable water tank provides around 1.5 hours of ironing time for me; this is slightly less if I use the boost function – which I hardly do anyways.

The iron gives off a warning sound after about 9-10 hours of use, this usually means it’s time to clean the iron. There’s no scrubbing or cleaning involved, just release the knob and let the dirty water out. See how easy it is to descale a steam generator iron here.


To this day I’ve had zero problems with mine, but if for some reason there are any issues, Philips is offering a 2-year warranty period on this steam generator iron. It’s a pretty standard warranty but considering the iron costs over £250 – I’ll take it.

Main features

  • Very sturdy design
  • Ceramic soleplate for smooth gliding
  • Vertical steaming capability
  • Automatic shut-off safety feature
  • OptimalTEMP Technology
  • Extremely powerful
  • Built-in cleaning function
  • Large 1.8L water tank


As you can tell from my review, I absolutely love this iron. It’s easy to use, has some very useful features, and most importantly – it helps me get through my ironing quickly.

Would I recommend this steam generator iron? Absolutely. It has managed to turn someone who hates ironing into someone who hates ironing a bit less!

Philips GC9630 PerfectCare Elite
An excellent steam generator iron that’s beautifully designed, and has tons of useful features. If you hate ironing or just want to get it done faster - this is exactly what you need.

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