Best Heated Rollers: Glamorous curls from home

Heated rollers combine convenience and technology to produce long-lasting salon-quality curls from the convenience of your own home. In addition to convenience, heated rollers are easier to use and a lot gentler on your hair when compared to a heated styling wand.

Our top 3 picks for the best heated rollers to buy in 2021 covers hair of every length, density and texture and they’re guaranteed to provide you with glamorous curls and waves with an increased definition, volume and shine.

Best Heated Roller Reviews

Remington PROluxe Heated Rollers

Remington PROluxe Heated Rollers

This set comes with twenty rollers that are ideal for curling hair of any length, adding volume and sheen. They are particularly suitable for extra long or thick hair, producing a variety of styles with bouncy curls that can last an average of sixteen hours.

Eight medium-sized, twenty-five-millimetre rollers create soft, loosely defined curls while the twelve large rollers with a diameter of thirty-two millimetres result in attractive, tumbling waves. The rollers are easy to use, making them an ideal choice for novices and professional users alike.

These heated rollers feature Remington’s innovative Grip Technology system to ensure they stay firmly in place while they curl. Each roller has a textured surface of velvet flock that provides hold without snagging or tangling hair. Twenty heated butterfly clips with twin hinged combs securely hold hair in place by simply snapping over the entire roller.

The additional heat of the clips means each strand of hair is styled by two layers of heat for effective day-long curls without creasing. The ceramic coating of the clips adds a lustrous, healthy shine.

The heating element in the bottom of the rose gold storage case uses OPTIheat technology to heat the rollers positioned on the ten heating rods in just ninety seconds. Curls can be set in as little as five minutes, but for even more effective styling, they can be safely left in hair until they cool. The 1.8-metre cable winds neatly around the base for tidy storage.


  • Stay cool rim makes rollers comfortable to handle
  • Lightweight, secure hold
  • Ideal for long hair
  • Quick heat-up


  • Awkward to remove hot rollers from the unit
  • Individual rollers don’t have an indicating light

BaByliss ProHeated Ceramic Rollers

BaByliss ProHeated Ceramic Rollers

The set is of professional salon quality and contains a total of thirty ceramic rollers in four versatile sizes. The rollers offer creativity, enabling all lengths and textures of hair to have an extensive range of styles. Six small rollers in yellow produce tight, well-defined curls while eight white rollers result in softer, medium-sized curls. Eight large, blue rollers achieve looser curls and eight gigantic red rollers are perfect for waves or adding height and volume, particularly to shorter hairstyles.

The rollers have a finish of ceramic coating to add a glossy sheen as they curl. The smooth exterior of each roller is ridged for an improved hold on the hair and secured by a single comb clip or pin. The set contains fifteen clips and thirty assorted V-shaped pins with colour coded tips to help easily match them to the rollers. Using a mixture of clips and pins helps to keep the rollers securely in place.

The compact storage case has twin, transparent perspex lids and a versatile stand to prop the unit into a semi-vertical position for easy access while inserting the rollers. The element uses conduction heat and has two convenient temperature settings to warm the rollers to 90 and 130 degrees Celsius. There is a light to indicate when the rollers are fully heated and each one has rims that remain cool to the touch for comfortable handling.


  • 30 rollers included in the set
  • Ideal for hair with layered styling
  • Smooth, shiny, frizz-free curls
  • Versatile, professional styling


  • Heavy rollers often slip
  • Roller rims sometimes uncomfortably hot to handle

TRESemmé Volume Rollers

TRESemmé Volume Rollers

Adding volume and body to hair with any texture is fast and convenient when using this set of ten extra-large, ceramic heated rollers from TRESemmé. They’re stored in an elegantly styled, soft black case that includes a clear lid fitted with a zip and a pliable carrying handle. The set is both lightweight and compact, while the heating unit is conveniently fitted with a dual voltage plug. It is a perfect choice for volumising and styling hair, whether at home or when travelling abroad.

The heating element uses a conduction system to produce a reliable, consistent heat and can take up to ten minutes to reach its maximum temperature. Effective styling takes around five minutes, but for longer-lasting results, the rollers can be left until they have cooled. The central barrel of each roller retains heat very well, but the rims are designed to stay cool and are also lightly textured for an improved grip when handling.

The rollers are particularly suitable for increasing the volume of short to medium length, layered hairstyles. When used to style much longer hair, the rollers create attractive, loose waves and soft curls, but if the hair is extra thick, an additional pack of rollers may be required to style effectively. Included in the set is a pack of ten U-shaped steel pins with an extra-long length for holding the rollers securely in place while your hair is curled.


  • Lightweight and compact for holidays
  • Effective for adding volume and body
  • Ideal for shorter, layered styles


  • Fine hair may need extra pins to stay secure
  • May not contain enough rollers for thick, long hair

Heated Roller Buying Guide

Choosing the best heated rollers for adding curls or volume often depends on whether they are suitable for the length of hair, the type of surface the rollers have and how they can be secured while curling takes place.

Another consideration is how the rollers are heated, but once you’ve selected the right model, you can look forward to fast, effective styling with beautiful curls and waves that last all day long.

Which heated rollers?

Rollers are generally made of a robust thermoplastic with surface ridges to give the hair something to grip on as it’s wound around the roller. The main advantage is they can easily be removed, gliding from your hair without getting caught or tangled.

A thin layer of velvet flock is often applied to the roller’s surface. It consists of small, densely packed natural or synthetic fibres which help to create a reliable, non-slip coating that the hair can easily cling to. Velvet flock can even help to polish the strands of your hair by distributing the heat more evenly to produce glossier curls.

Velcro-style rollers with a surface of minuscule loops and spikes hold well but can cause tangling and be almost impossible to remove.

Ceramic coatings

Rollers or fastening clips with a coating of ceramic generally have an increased resistance to static, resulting in curls or waves that are smooth and manageable. Ceramic encourages an even heat distribution to help protect hair from the drying effect of high temperatures. It also helps to maintain the moisture content of your hair, leading to a healthy texture and sheen.

Secure fastenings

Nearly all heated roller sets include sturdy steel pins that are bent into a V or U shape designed to specifically fit around different sized rollers. Novices always need a fair amount of practice to use them, but once you develop an instinct for positioning the pins in your hair, they usually provide a relatively secure grip.

Curved comb clips hook around the length of the roller to trap the hair. While the teeth of the comb grips the hair, additional fastening with a pin makes the roller much harder to slide out. A double-sided butterfly clip, designed to match individual sizes, holds hair around the roller even more securely. It can easily be held firm by an additional metal pin.

Roller size

The smaller the roller, the tighter the curl. For multiple ringlets, a high number of small rollers will be needed, particularly if the hair is long and thick. Medium-sized rollers are ideal for loose curls with a healthy bounce and movement. Choose a large-sized roller for creating loose waves in long hair or adding volume to hair that’s of a medium or short length.

Some packs offering a variety of sizes are often more versatile for experimenting with layered hairstyles, but if your hair is long and thick you may not have an adequate number of a particular size to provide full coverage.

Heating systems

Heated rollers usually contain a metal core of stainless steel or aluminium that absorbs heat from the individual rods attached to the element in the base of the roller’s heating unit. Titanium, a metal with a low density, but particularly high heat resistance, can sometimes be found in expensive rollers.

Most roller sets use cost-effective conduction heating that transfers the heat produced in the rods to the core of the rollers. It generally takes between five and ten minutes to heat a set of rollers, providing quick, convenient styling.

Induction rollers use an electromagnetic system to transfer the heat, often taking as little as four seconds to fully prepare them. Although they allow virtually instant use, these models are more expensive.

Rollers that use steam are regarded as the gentlest form of curling hair with heat through their high moisture content. The rollers are wrapped in a layer of sponge or foam that absorbs the steam. They can often feel more comfortable to wear, but to be effective, they have to remain in place until they’ve dried. However, the longevity of the rollers can be compromised because the sponge can deteriorate relatively quickly and it can be prone to mildew if stored damp.

Heated Roller FAQs

1. How many rollers do I need?

Winding too much hair around one roller can reduce the effectiveness of the curl. Short or fine-textured hair can be styled with six to eight rollers, but medium length hair with a slightly thicker texture usually benefits from using between ten and fourteen. If your hair is extra-long or thick, you’ll achieve better results from twenty rollers.

2. How does a coating of tourmaline improve the performance of the rollers?

Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone and when crushed into a coating applied to clips or rollers, it has a similar effect to ceramic. It produces beneficial ions that help to protect your hair from damaging moisture loss.

3. Can I use heated rollers every day?

Applying heat to your hair can cause it to lose moisture, so daily use could increase the risk of damaging it. To use rollers frequently, try to rest your hair regularly and choose features such as ceramic coatings that are designed to protect your hair.


For glamorous curls and waves, the best heated rollers should be suitable for the length of hair and have an adequate number of rollers in the size you are most likely to use. Velvet flock rollers are effective at holding hair and evenly distributing heat, while ridged rollers are easier to remove.

If you’re on a budget, look out for rollers that use a conduction heating system as they are less expensive to buy and maintain than induction models.

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